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Booking Management Platform

Lodgly serves real estate agencies renting any kind of real estate, e.g. condos or apartments.

Client: Polish Real Estate Company

Project Commencement Date: February, 2020

Project Completion Date: July, 2020

Project URL:

Technologies: NodeJS, ReactJS, MySQL, AWS

Project Description

Frank owns 2 apartments in Switzerland but lives in Germany, so he doesn’t have an opportunity to rent them personally. Therefore, he entrusts a real estate agency.  Unfortunately, the classic business model causes a trust issue, i.e. Frank lacks any further information about the renting process after submitting the key at the agency, e.g. who are the tenant candidates, when are they visiting the condos, etc. With the help of his Lodgly account, Frank fills the info-gap by seeing all relevant tenant data (e.g. current rent level), even when they are on a holiday. In a such situation, the particular condo is free, so Frank can move in during the vacation period of the tenant.

Project Highlights

Channel Management (Foreign APIs). The company can create property on different booking platforms such as, AirBnB, Agoda simultaneously.

Landlords communicate with tenants and exchange information in real-time over built-in secure messaging system.

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