Case Studies

Gig economy platform connecting employers and students

The platform enables employers to flexibly hire students as temporary employees assigned with specific tasks varying from 4 hours to 3 months.

Client: A Dutch IT startup

Project URL:

Project Commencement Date: December, 2019

Project Completion Date: April, 2020

Technologies: NodeJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, AWS, Stripe Connect

Project Description

By implementing MongoDB, InterDevs created the dynamic platform structure and took care of the scalability by using AWS.

Furthermore, a Dynamic Feedback Control System (DFCS) was deployed.

The Scrum software development framework was implemented by splitting the workflow in sprints and initiating a Sprint Review every two weeks.

Project Highlights

A dynamic gig economy marketplace for working students.

The DFCS automatically generates keywords from the task description, which correspond to the skills needed for task delivery.

The students get evaluated by the employers according to their performance based on the generated skill terms and a 5-star scale.

Our Testimonials

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