Do you feel that the moment to digitize your sales has finally come?

We posses the right set of skills and tools to build your professional eCommerce platform, from choosing the right colors that attract more visitors to designing customized functions for a better shopping experience.

Expand in the digital space

Sell your product or service anywhere in the world and build new customer bases regardless geographical distances.

Establish a new type of customer relationship

Enhance your customers’ satisfaction by taking individual marketing measures based on customers’ preferences, feedback, buying behavior, and many other.

Types of eCommerce platforms we can build for you

Our pricing plans

Faster than a typical agency, but preciser than a freelancer

Online Shop

e.g. Zalando, Saturn, Rakuten

  • Personalized design
  • Customized functionality
  • Modern technology - ReactionCommerce
  • Changes & Deployment


from2000 €


Digital Marketplace

e.g. Amazon, eBay

  • Interface between buyers and sellers
  • Custom technologies - NodeJS and React
  • Tailor-made design
  • Changes & Deployment



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Online ShopDigital Marketplace

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